Booking Conditions


1. Booking Acceptance:

No booking can be accepted unless a booking form has been completed and returned to the Bookings Officer together with the 25% (minimum £10) required deposit within one month. The Hirer may not sub-let the premises or use them for any unlawful purpose. The Committee reserves the right to cancel a hiring if the premises are required as a polling station and any deposit refunded in full. Provisional Bookings will only be held for one week.

In the event of the centre or any part there of being rendered unfit for the use for which it has been hired the Committee shall not be liable to the hirer for any loss or damage. The committee reserves the right to refuse an application to hire without explanation.

2. Damage to Property:

The Hirer will be held responsible for the supervision of the premises and for any damage to property, fixtures and fittings resulting from the hire. They will be responsible for the behaviour of those using the premises during the hire, including proper supervision of the car park area. At the end of the event, the Hirer will be responsible for leaving the premises, including the car park, in a clean and tidy state, including the removal of all litter and rubbish into the bins provided. The hirer also undertakes to make good any damage that occurs to the property and or fixtures/fittings during the hire period. Failure to do this will result in the committee keeping part or all of the damage deposit to pay for any extra work required to return the rooms to their former condition.

3. Charges:

The Hirer is required to pay the balance of the hire charge at least one week prior to the event-taking place. Where hire charges are agreed with the Management Committee on an annual or regular basis, charges will be invoiced. A full payment must be made as agreed to cover the period in question. If the whole centre is being hired (for example in the case of dances, parties or wedding receptions) a damage deposit of £150 must be paid in advance of the event. This is fully refundable subject to the conditions of item 2 above.

4. Use of Premises:

  • Furniture moved by the hirer should be done carefully to ensure floors, walls and doors are not damaged during the process.
  • Nails, tacks, screws, Blue-tack should not be used on walls, doors, floors, ceilings, furniture or fittings.
  • Footwear likely to damage floors is not to be worn.
  • Property belonging to the hirer is to be removed by the hirer at the end of the period of hire. The hirer will pay any costs incurred in removing these items.
  • Litter must be removed and placed into the wheelie bins, which are provided in the car park at the rear of the community centre. The hirer will pay any costs incurred in removing these items.
  • Alterations to any electrical fitting are strictly forbidden.
  • Hirer and any helper must ensure they take care of the premises of hire at all times during hire period.
  • Please clean and leave furniture as you have found it and sweep the floors.
  • No firework displays in or around the Centre are permitted before during or immediately after an event.
  • When amplified music is playing the double doors in between the main hall and the bar area must be closed.
  • For the duration of events where catering is provided the double doors can be opened, but only provided the music levels are reduced. Before the music levels are increased, the double doors must be closed again.
  • Any functions requiring use of any outdoor area for catering, must notify the committee in advance for sanction.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the premises, with the exception of assistance dogs.
  • For Health & Safety reasons drinking glasses must not be taken outside of the premises.

5. Alcohol:

The Management Committee has a Licensed Bar Manager who will be happy to provide special drinks for wedding receptions or parties. Please email: for details. Due to the laws concerning the sale of alcohol, please note that no alcoholic drinks are to be brought into the Centre by hirers. However, if the hirers for larger functions wish to provide their own alcohol (wine only) it would only be by prior agreement with the Bar Manager, and there would be a corkage fee. This is to be paid to the Bar Manager, and not the caterer.

6. Food Health and Safety:

If food is to be served the hirer or caterer must comply with the provisions of the Food Safety Act 1990 together with Regulations made there under.

7. Fire Safety:

The hirer is reminded of the need to observe fire safety. When viewing the premises, the bookings clerk will point out all the Emergency Exits, Fire Equipment and the Fire Assembly Points. The hirer must ensure they are familiar with the Emergency Exits, Fire Equipment and the Fire Assembly Points.  

8. No Smoking:

Hirers are reminded that Wortwell Community Centre is a no smoking premises. Cigarette boxes are provided outside the front entrance for patrons who smoke, please ensure these are used.

9. Local Residence:

Please ensure that consideration is shown to our local residence when leaving Wortwell Community Centre. Hirers must ask guests to keep as quiet as possible when leaving the premises late at night.

10. Liability if Hirer:

The Committee shall not be liable for any injury (including injury resulting in death) or damage to or loss of property, which shall or may occur to, or be sustained by the hirer, his/her assistants, servants or agents, or others entering on the property in the exercise or intended exercise of the hiring (except such injury or damage as may occur by reason of neglect of the committee). The hirer will indemnify and keep indemnified the Committee from and against all claims and liabilities in respect of such injury or damage and all actions, proceedings, costs, damages and expenses in regard thereto and also from and against all other liabilities, claims, demands, proceedings, costs, damages and expenses in respect of injury to persons whomsoever (including injury resulting in death) and damage to or loss of property whatsoever which may arise from, or in consequences of, the exercise or intended exercise of the hiring.  



  1. In view of the potential liabilities, hirers are advised to consider arranging their own public liability insurance.
  2. In particular cases of damage to the Community Centre as previously stated an appropriate charge would be levied upon the hirer.